Nyhavn canal tour , Copenhagen Denmark 2017


Social entrepreneurship: Chepang Retail Shop updates

Chepang Kirana Pasal has been established in the centre area of Chepang community located at Chitwan District, Korak VDC-03 Jimling. The financial support for shop was provided by Kiran Sitoula and Pranaya Raj Acharya. The amount total received was 1,00,000 (1Lakh) initially. With the amount received one shop was constructed with rs. 75,000 (seventy-five thousand) and remaining 25,000 was used for the retail items.

The opening ceremony of retail shop was done on first of Jestha. The basic necessities like salt, oil, soyabean, beaten rice, noodles, biscuits, and chocolates are kept at shop. Total of rs.20,000 was spent for the items and rs.3500 was used for travelling and the charge of those items.

The turnover of the shop on the first month seems quiet impressive. The daily average sales turnover is rs.500. So this makes rs.15,000 per months. Mr. Motilal Chepang (father of Biswash Chepang) looks after the items to purchase from the nearest wholesale distributor and Bishnu Maya Chepang (Mother) looks after the selling of items to villagers.

The establishment of retail shop has benefitted the villagers in many ways. They do not have to walk for 7 hours to reach to bazzar and purchase twenty rupees salt. Now the daily basic necessities are easily available here. If the villagers had also gone to bazzar it would add more cost on feeding themselves while walking. So it has saved time and have been able to use it in productive sector like planting maize during this season. Though giving the items on credit has been controlled only few people have taken items on credit promising to pay it in 1 month’s time. Now its rainy season; the local bus completely rest for 5 months. So the items from retails shop will be highly demanded during this time.

 Shopkeeper Perspectives:

Shopkeepers are really happy to keep themselves busy in shop. They collect all the money earned in a day and counts before they go to sleep. Now its high time to attract customer during rainy season but they express that they have only limited stocks which may not even last for 1 months. By this month of opening we have earned rs.18,000. Its not a profit. It’s a turnover. They had also reinvested rs.8,000 as the stock had finished.

What they wished is to invest more on urea and fertilizers for this month as it is crop cultivation season. But they are lacking investment and the roadways have been blocked due to landslides and soil erosion.

Shopkeepers would also like to thank the sponsors who have contributed in establishing chepang retail shop. It would not have been possible to establish on their own. Frankly speaking it would have been a dream to establish retails shop as they will not have bulk sum of money.

 Villagers Perspective:

The local people are also happy to receive the basic necessities on their own locality. They are also happy to pay the amount that is tagged for each item. Because people understand that, the transportation cost has to be added too.  They have now saved time and extra money that they would have spent on going to bazzar. Villagers says that the items are not given on credit but they understands the problem as it is a recently established shop they have to get the investment back.

Biswash Chepangs Perspective: It has been a great pleasure to establish retail shop benefitting more than 1000 people directly or indirectly. The basic necessities are kept at retail shop. What we have thought is to add more indigenous items and sell it to the visitors. We will also be collecting the locally available products from the village and selling those to the markets who pays well-Kathmandu.

Payback Scheme: regarding the payback scheme, the MOU will be designed in this mid june and fewer portions of that amount will be kept in piggy bank or returned directly to the supporters. MOU designed will illustrate the total amount to be monthly paid according to the income earned from selling the items. I myself will be contributing rs.1000 monthly for paying back.

Do you really care the person whom you meet for the first time?

For me: Every people i meet are important in my life. Hence, i stay in touch with them either social networks or emails and it led to fortunate moment to be hosted by them during the time of difficulties in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lessons to learn from Meller Vang school Aalborg, Denmark

Analysis based visit to school.

It was such a fortunate moment to visit the school in Aalborg and know most of the thing about how school functions with the principle of inclusiveness and promoting personal and professional growth of the children in Denmark.

The inclusion of all the children regardless of social, economic, physical and mental condition was one of the most exemplary model that other countries needs to learn from it. This is one of the lesson for the rest of the world to learn how children and other individual from diverse background whether it be migrants, refugees, people living in slums and even socially constructed divisions such as ethnicity, race are taught in friendly environment.

The aims and motives of the school to support the children in personal and professional growth by teaching the real facts of life and the basic social skills to adjust in the community was what I liked most. The teachings based not only on the national level testing subjects but other group works and adjustment social skills either through games or participative schemas fascinated me most.

I was surprised to see how visually impaired, also the child who could not hear Is well facilitated with the tools and equipment’s to participate normally as other normal children in class discussion and teachings. What I also felt is physically and mentally impaired children in school were not made to feel difference than other children, they were given same education from the different techniques. Everyone had chance to learn the only thing is the pace of learning could be different.

It was kind of surprise for me in comparison to my countries current political turmoil where people have been fighting based on their ethnicity and geographical regions. Our country needs to learn from this school where they have set an example in meeting everyone’s need.

Even the work setting that I saw was interesting!!!

The administrations and teachers in had separate departments but was completely open. To further illustrate this the work setting was open were everyone could see anyone where they are working or not. I think this was also one of the reason for the good productivity in the school where the administrations and other staffs do not use the time in unproductive sectors. This whole process surprised me as I come from a country where the organization has higher bureaucracy and where people are highly valued who are in power relation. Simply illustrating it, so called people in higher authority needs a separate enclosed well facilitated room.

Overall, one day visitation to this school taught me a lot about the school, environment and how inclusion is necessary in modern era in the world of globalization. Inclusion gives dignity and self-respect to the differently abled person which motivate them to participate in activities. Each individual need to be valued and one’s life world needs to be understood.