Bonding through SEBS- Thank you letter to Shrochis Karki dai(444C) letter to

Dear Shrochis दाइ र भाउजु

Life has been wonderful journey coming from high hill terrain lands of Nepal to this land of Europe where every hard works count.

The beauty of my life has been added with meeting you people around you who have been helpful since our first meet. There is a saying that “everything that happens is mostly for god reason” and I believe in it as it really implied in my life from the experience of two days meeting being extended to more than a month’s stay at Oxford.

Guidance on academic writings; the crucial and daily bread and butter of university life which I had almost no idea was the greatest learning of during my stay. Probing to focus on writing, comments, guidance, suggestions and recommendation that you provided me has been helping me to shape up in my academic writing which is necessity aspect for the whole phase of my life from now.

Meeting people of your circle has been a wonderful opportunity for me. This added a premium benefit to meeting those people from Nepal whom I would not have got to meet without prior a month or more than that appointment.

Thank you for being so much concerned about me on my food and logistics every single day. I guess I might have changed your cooking habits since I came as you were more worried about me for everyday meals.

Finally, thank you Shrochis dai for creating such an environment where I could learn from a brother having PhD from Oxford; which will be once in a life time opportunity and vauju from German Education system.15781475_10155767342893079_997253439023954734_n


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