Preface:)- Self

Biswash” is a Nepali word which means trust in English, it’s the title that I am given after 9 days of my birth during naming ceremony in Hindu culture which we call it Nawaran by priest. I called it as a title because it will be tagged to me as Biswash throughout my life and also after my death. Chepang is community or a tribe which is highly marginalized and disadvantaged group of Nepal, which is my family name. Chepang is my mother tongue and Nepali is National official language and English is my third language.

Winning the trust of everyone as per my meaning of the name, I began my journey of education as a scholarship student from kindergarten level as I belong to deprived community of Nepal. I was provided foods and lodging in community school for Chepang community in city area- Chitwan district which is 6 hours walk from my home. With my hard work and diligence in my academic results I was selected to study full scholarship student in Budhanilkantha School one of the best school in Nepal to continue my education from grade 4 to Advanced Levels course of Cambridge University-UK. It was the end of my residential schooling where I studied from the age of 7 till I was 18.

Residential school had all kinds of facilities where clothes were washed by washer man, foods were cooked by kitchen staff and many more. After completion of A Levels I had to move out from a residential school. Moving out and adapting in the outer environment after 12 years of dependency on school was just like being thrown on swimming pool and learn to swim by oneself, like wise to compete in the market and best fit in. I was taught to read and write and memorise the answers from the articles and books but I was not emphasized on practical skills like public speaking, communication skills, self-management, time management and of course applying for job and competing in the market.

The other side of story starts self-reflecting oneself by keeping in mind where I belonged and where my community stands I thought of working for the welfare and upliftment of my community for my undergraduate course. While I studied my undergraduate I worked as well. I worked in child sector for 4 years; Orphanage, underprivileged children and Juvenile delinquents. I developed some projects on personal level after I understood the dissonance and the discrepancy that existed in the policy level making level stage, project development stage and implementation stage that was practised in our community and main reason of remaining backward despite of several attempts from the government on improvement plans. There existed trickle down approach- where large sum of money being sent for the community development and empowerment program by international non-governmental organizations and government aid were distributed did not reach the grassroots level. So I worked on the ground level forming a circle of 11 members to work. I was not in strong position to support by myself but I asked help from my friends abroad. Which we call Self Sustaining Campaign for Chepang community.img_20160829_171142_burst005


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