SEBS Earthquake Relief materials distribution to Chepang Community

Report on relief distribution to Earthquake Victims in Chepang Community

 On May 1 2015 BishwasChepang representing Society of EX Budhanilkantha School Students of North America distributed sack of rice, oil, beaten rice, to 90 chepang families at Chitwan district, Jimling ward no 3 as a relief package to devasted earthquake victims. The area covered were Klokrang, gonbang, Jimling, Pongyak, tingsirang. Chautara, ThakuriBhanjyag, surkhandi, sanoGonbang who were benefitted from with the relief package distributed at Chepang community.


Earthquake relief distribution report
S.N. Particulars Quantity for 1 house Remarks
1 Rice 1 sack  
2 Oil 1 litre  
3 Beaten rice 1.5 Kg each  
4 Tent 15  
5 Salt 1 packet  


Distribution began formally with the welcome speech and a welcome song for the relief provider at 7am. The song was completely based on relief program which included vote of thanks to North America SEBS and BishwasChepang for helping and linking with Chepang community. The crowd ofgloomy faces of Chepang due to earthquake and its destruction of houses to receive the package was overwhelming.


People expressed their happiness and satisfaction at the end of the program. The relief package was not only given to the devasted and collapsed buildings but also to the people with cracks and minor effects. This would help us to conduct more projects and extend helping hands in unbiased way through SEBS. On the whole the program was grand success. The villagers expressed their thankfulness and insisted us to embrace helping hands in upcoming days as well.

This distribution was only possible after 6 hours of walking from the nearest highway to a village of 90 houses in remote village called Jimling, in Chitwan district. 15 houses has been completely destroyed, remaining have cracks of varying degree. SEBS-North America (Society of Ex-Budhanilkantha Student) made immediate cash of Rs 200,000 (USD 2,000) available and made it possible to give a relief package to Chepang community through BishwasChepang.


Thank you


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