One Chepang Child Sponsorship Program

Chepang Children under our sponsorship program
Chepang Children under our sponsorship program

Investing $150 a year to Educate Chepang Child
                                 Initiation of Self Sustaining Campaign For Chepang Community

  1. Background Information

Chepangs are one of the most marginalised indigenous groups of 59 officially identified indigenous ethnic communities of Nepal. They are inhabitants of steep sloppy marginalised land of Dhading, Chitwan, Makwanpur and Gorkha districts of Nepal. Chepangs are ancient tribal people who have their own socio-economic and cultural characteristics and are from the Mongoloid group. They are one of the deprived, disadvantaged and marginalized groups of the indigenous people of Nepal. They are still in semi nomadic stage struggling for survival and basic rights that every human being should have got.

Newspaper Articles: please copy pastein the new tab link below to see about Chepang community. \

  1. Abstract:

Immediate cause of vulnerability for Chepangs is their lack of education. The Nepal Chepang Association (NCA) reported that more than three quarters of all Chepangs are illiterate and that only one percent of Chepang women know how to read and write, compared to the national average of around 50 percent.

The remoteness of Chepang settlements is regarded as one of the main reasons behind these low literacy rates. Most Chepang villages have only a primary school and students need to travel four to five hours every day, usually over sloped and difficult terrain, to attend secondary level schools. Due to a lack of financial means, few Chepang students can afford to stay in hostels closer to educational facilities. Even though secondary education is officially free in government schools, some School Management Committees are said to collect fees, making higher education unaffordable to most Chepang students.

A general lack of awareness of the importance of education among Chepang parents and the high prevalence of illiteracy also constitute a big obstacle for the education of their children. Faced with serious challenges in maintaining their livelihoods, many Chepang parents take their children out of school to help with household, agricultural and wage work. As a result, the dropout rate is very high among Chepang school children.

One Chepang Child Sponsorship Program will help our Chepang Children to continue their education after grade 5 in Shree Antyodaya JanajatiAwasiya Vidhyalaya. This will help them to get educated and aware about the social, political and general rights that every citizen should get being Nepali in Nepal.

  1. Problem Statement:

The major reason behind Chepang children going off the school is due to their incapability in attending grade 6 after their primary level education. so if we could support these  childrens from grade 6 to SLC ( School Leaving Certificate Level) it will help in one way  or the other. If we could support these children’s and make our own group of wise people we can mobilize them in community upliftment in near future.

  1. Mission:Educating at least one Chepang child from every household of Korak VDC Jimling ward no 3.
  1. About the Project;

The major reason behind Chepangs lagging behind is due to education. If we could enlighten some member of the chepang community they will obviously be a role model in the community and help in the community upliftment. so the main focus of this project is to educate chepang children. The simple process to educate the Chepang child is to sponsor a child annually in Government school.

Let us be a part of Self Sustaining Campaign to support Chepang Community and make them self reliant as the education is the greatest thing in life. Sponsoring one child from your side will be the biggest contribution to the Chepang community. It will change the whole dimension of that Chepang Family. If a child is educated it will obviously help them to get aware about their basic fundamental rights and educate the entire family. Same child can be a backbone for the family to earn and support the whole livelihood of that family.

  • How are students selected?

The sponsorship will be based on merit that children’s achieve in their results. Top 10 students from grade 4 based on their final examination will be selected and write their case studies, through home visits, consulting neighbors and only one will be selected from the whole group. We assign women’s groups to select students from their midst, whom they think are particularly needy or deserving of being sponsored. This process will select only one of the meritorious as well as needy students from that community school so as to make the Chepang child sponsorship worth spending in Chepang Community.  We accept both boys and girls.

(I) Can I sponsor a girl child please

Yes, girls are at a particular disadvantage in Nepali society, but we cannot promise you a girl. Members of our women’s groups fully understand the need to educate be girls, and choose girls and boys in equal numbers, because everyone has the right to an education. We have decided to respect the women’s choices and we seem to get an equal number of boys and girls to be sponsored.

  • How long is my commitment?

The sponsor promises to support the child for five years beginning from grade 6 – until the child has passed the SLC- the national school leaving exam given after 10th grade. This is a 5 year contract.

  • What is my Cost?

As a sponsor you will be asked to contribute $150, on March 1st as the new sessions of Nepalese students begins on month of April.  To sign up for this year, Contact Bishwas Chepang.

$30 covers the cost for this year for administrative costs like going for field visits, collecting data, case studies, printing, printing photos etc. for whole 5 year $750 is spent on child.

  • How is my contribution spent?

The School will use the sum to pay for school uniform, supplies, and if applicable tuition, and good nutrition and clothing. The rest of your contribution is a stipend to the family as encouragement to send the child to school instead of work.

15% of your sponsorship fee is kept aside for administration.

The selected students will enroll in school from grade 6.



Amount invested to Children Costs of Dress  


6 $100 $50 Selection and administrative costs
7 $100 $50 School dress, Casual dress, pair of shoes, Sweater
8 $100 $50 School dress, Casual dress, pair of shoes, Sweater
9 $100 $50 School dress, Casual dress, pair of shoes, Sweater
10 $100 $50 School dress, Casual dress, pair of shoes, Sweater

How can I follow my Child?

You will receive an update on your child twice a year as well as photos, and if at all possible, letters. Our staff in Kathmandu visits your child four times a year, when the family receives one quarter of the annual stipend. Our staff member meets with the child the family and the school to assess your child’s progress and the family situation. If there are problems our staff member tries to help solving them and acts as a resource. She or he also takes pictures and assists with letter writing. A short report is prepared after each visit.

  • How can I establish a personal connection to my child?

You are encouraged to write letters telling her/him about yourself, your family and your world, monetary assistance is also welcome. You will also be taken to their home visits during your preferred vacations and experience rural setting and marginalized indigenous Chepang cultures. You will be assisted by our members for trekking, sightseeing, and given information’s about indigenous knowledge’s information’s practiced in Chepang Community.

  • How do I get started on my Sponsorship?

Upon sending in your contribution, you will receive photos and a profile of the child and the family. The amount of detailed information we have on each family and child at this point varies a great deal.

  1. Where do we enroll our Chepang Child?

Click The Link Below:

Shree Antyodaya Janajati Aawasiya Vidhyalaya
Shree Antyodaya Janajati Aawasiya Vidhyalaya
Shree Antyodaya janajati Aawasiya Vidhyalaya
Shree Antyodaya janajati Aawasiya Vidhyalaya

SHREE ANTYODAYA JANAJATI AWASIYA VIDHAYALAYA is a boarding school that supports Chepang children from the hilly regions, indigenous tribe’s people’s children, to get an education, as well as food and lodging, medication and clothing. There are currently 180 children residing here and classes run from 2 to 8. After grade 8 the children go to another school in nearby area to get their SLC (School Leaving Certificates) with which they can then go on to college. Grade 8, 9 and 10 students are fully supported by the school for their food, lodging, and medication.

Antyodaya Janajati Awasiya Vidyalaya is located in Khairahani VDC ward no: 1, Karaiya , Chitwan . It is 1.5 km North , from Parsa, the nearest town.
This school was established by the late Kishor Chandra Dhungana in 2000 an inhabitant of the same VDC. The main purpose of the founder was to established the school and thus help to raise the social, financial, educational and political status of the indigenous children from the Chepang community.
Late Kishor Chandra Dhungana spent his valuable life serving the poor and indigenous people. He studied in Banarash, India in a time where not many primary schools where available to children.
A kindhearted person, he wanted to contribute to the indigenous community and his country, Nepal.
He focused his attention on the Chepang community because of their inability to access education due to their location in the hilly and remote villages. The Chepang community is to this day unfamiliar with the development of society , their country and the world.
When the children were initially brought to the new founded school in Karayia, their parents were doubtfull of the intentions. It took some time for the Chepang community to place their trust in the schools good intentions and that only came after they witnessed the results.
Today the school is run by Mr. Dilip Singh Dhungana, who took to the reigns after the sudden death of the founder.

Students from Lother, Korak , Siddhi, and Kaule join this schoolevery year to get an education.
Shree Antyodaya Janajati Awasiya Vidyalaya school for Chepang children has become a symbol of hope for the Chepang people,who are now able to rejoice seeing their children grow up like all other children and dare to dream of the opportunities that will open up for them in their very bright futures.
Although some NGOs and INGOs are financially assisting this school, the funds are not sufficient to cover the needs. We are unable to buy the clothes needed because we don’t have sufficient funds. We are unable to provide stationery materials like note books, practice books, pens, pencil even the text books on time. Our students don’t get the medical treatment for various ailments because it is too expensive.

Our teachers are getting a very minimal salary.  We are all aware of the numerous calls for help that reach you but still hope that our case will merit your favorable consideration. Whatever help that you may care to grant will be of immense value to the community on their difficult path to get out of the vicious cycle of destination.
You are all heartily invited to visit our school and see the progress and results as well as the happy faces of our students for yourself.

Phone number: 00977+ 056 – 582020

Separate Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has to be signed between four Parties: They are

  • Sponsors
  • Parents
  • School
  • Bishwas Chepang/ Self Sustaining Campaign for Chepang Community


Biswash Chepang (SEBS 125 D)

Social Worker at Juvenile Correction Home Sarangkot, Pokhara NEPAL

Ex student of Shree Antyodaya Janajati Aawasiya Vidhayalaya

Contact number: +09779860128786

Email address:


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