Volunteering in Chepang Community  


Introduction to Chepang Community:          

Chepangs are one of the most marginalised indigenous groups of 59 officially identified indigenous ethnic communities of Nepal. They are inhabitants of steep sloppy marginalised land of Dhading, Chitwan, Makwanpur and Gorkha districts of Nepal. Chepangs are ancient tribal people who have their own socio-economic and cultural characteristics and are from the Mongoloid group. They are one of the deprived, disadvantaged and marginalized groups of the indigenous people of Nepal. They are still in semi nomadic stage struggling for survival and basic rights that every human beings should have got.


  • To conduct need assessment of Chepang Community
  • To aware Chepang community about the Earthquake as natural disaster and remedial measures to stay safe and stay calm.
  • To make them realize that Education is the best means to transform the dark side of this inhuman experience in the society.
  • Improve educational modality of the Government school of Chepang rural village.


Why volunteer?

– Learn about the typical tribe and its culture, lifestyle and languages.

– Particularly useful for anthropology, sociology, philanthropy and rural development studies pupil.

– Can attach their volunteering certificates for volunteering at one of the semi nomadic and deprived community of Nepal, which will be beneficial for abroad study visa processing and can get jobs in NGOs (Non Governmental organization).

– Once in a lifetime experience to explore the Chepang Community.

You will have ample opportunities to learn, language, culture, tradition, and even more why there is the vast gap between rich and poor, why people are neglected, why their voice is unheard, why they are compelled to live in vicious cycle of poverty. Do they born for all these oppressions and marginalization?



The objective of this project is to introduce the energetic youth extend the new modern teaching technique/method in government schools in chepang community.

The volunteers will help in designing new and innovative ways of teaching and not only teach the students in newer ways but also help teachers of the school learn better ways of teaching. Education is the best means to translate the dark side of this inhuman experience in the society.

This volunteering project will not only help the students and the school from Chepang community but also expose the current situation of the community to the outer world. The community can benefit from the exposure as people with reach can help in improving the backward society through this volunteering project. This will be a once in a lifetime experience for the volunteers to see and live the Chepang culture closely and know about them in person.

The volunteers will have to pay a minimum amount to cover their travel and accommodation expenses and the remaining logistic expenses will be managed by the supporting organization Self Sustaining Campaign Organization. Volunteers will be staying at Chepang individual homes decided by the Manager of Organization to ensure facilities of toilets and taps nearby. The volunteers will be assimilating and acculturating Chepang cultures with in a time periods of stay.








Action Plan for One week

Days Activities/ Programs/Assignments for volunteers Remarks
Saturday Orientation / Understanding the Framework and Idea Observation
Sunday Assessment/ preparation of  working Strategic/ work Division Home visit/ Encourage Family to send their children in regular class Brief Information about Chepang community by Local
Monday Interaction with children’s and help them through Games: Ludo, Carrom, Badminton, Volleyball Games/ Fun / Rhymes/ Teaching, Antakshiri Awareness about Earthquake and Natural disasters Role Play on Earthquake
Tuesday Make Lesson Plan/ Teaching Awareness on natural disasters Awareness on Social Problems Documentary on Gambling
Wednesday Tree Plantation (Chiuri) Make Lesson Plan/ Teaching Drama on Alcoholism
Thursday Community Cleaning with Students.

Degradable and Non Degradablle wastes

Trekking/ Sight Seeing
Friday Free Medical Camp Camp fire/ Song Dance at Community
Saturday Farewell/ Bidding Good Bye Returning

Notes for Volunteers:

  • Carry sleeping bag on your own
  • First day and Second day will be based on rapport building and making connections.
  • After Third day volunteers will stay at home assigned by Bishwas Chepang ensuring minimal facilities like toilets and lights.
  • Again meet up and conduct a discussion with friends.
  • Wednesday Research based on Health, Education, Environment … topic to their interest

We know that you need nominal facilities to be part of it so lodging, fooding, security will be of our responsibility. You can write thesis, research paper dissertation paper, design a program on the data available in our interventions. You will be closely working with the team and will be supervised by concerned community people, guardians and even more direct supervision by Bishwas Chepang.

Bishwas Chepang representing “Self Sustaining Campaign” keeps all the rights to say “you are ineligible from today”, if conducted any misbehavior according to our Code of Conduct, Policy Guide line and Operation Guideline in and outside while you are volunteer in our institution”. You have to pay a nominal fee to be registered and enrolled as the volunteer. There is no age bar, institutions that operate volunteers and interns can have collaborative and strategic partnership with Self Sustaining Campaign. Once you are registered then you will get ToR from Self Sustaining Campaign for your tracking and performance.


Terms of Reference (ToR)

  1. Role of the village committee

– Manage proper stay for the Volunteers.

– Manage foods for daily consumption for the Volunteer.

– Prepare clean and hygienic stay and surrounding.

  1. Role of volunteers /what they should know??

– Be well prepared for your Talk show\

– Proper planning and create participatory interactive session in classes

– Report if any problem is aroused

– Take all the basic medicines they need.

– Need Assessments

– Submit report to the management committee (Bishwas Chepang)


  1. Role of Government schools teachers of that School

– Ensure that the volunteers are enjoying taking classes and help them if something is needed.

– Control if any students are showing delinquent acts.

– Be with volunteers for at least 10 minutes in the beginning of the class.

– Submit report to village committee and it will be forwarded to Bishwas Chepang

– The School should provide a letter of appreciation after the completion of volunteering.


  1. Role of Bishwas Chepang

– Submit report to Self Sustaining Campaign.

– Ensure volunteers’ safety.

– Ensure volunteers’ safe arrival and stay.

– Effective intermediaries.

– Manage pick up and drop services from villagers

– Collect funds and do the needful of budgeting

– Disseminate according to costs

  1. Role of Self Sustaining Campaign organization

– Manage budgeting, add if not sufficient amount has been raised.

– Connect/Link volunteers from national as well as international levels.

– Provide certificate of thank you letter/Certificate for volunteering at Chepang community.



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