“Self sustaining campaign For Chepang community”

                                “Aatma Nirvar Aviyan” in Chepang village


Poverty minimization program for Chepang community:
                                    as a part of Self sustaining campaign in  Chepang village


                   The Chepangs are one of Nepal’s most disadvantaged indigenous groups and are classified under the ‘highly marginalized’ category on the basis of a set of socio-economic indicators, such as population size, language, literacy rate, house type, land ownership, occupation and access to higher education. Chepangs are gradually adopting a settled way of life, have very little arable land for cultivation and live on wild fruits like yam and air potato or wild greens such as nettles.


Currently,  I (Bishwas Chepang) have taken an initial step to minimize poverty through self sustaining campaign for Chepangs(Aatma Nirvar Abhiyan) in collaboration with Miteree foundation through poultry farming. I believe that the small effort can bring a great change in the aspects of fulfilling the basic needs of Chepang people in long term as well. Poultry farming is an effective and the quickest method where the community people can earn money in shorter period of time.

Immediate cause of vulnerability for Chepangs is due to lack of basic needs like food, clothes, shelter and education. The major cause of this vulnerability is Poverty. So I have a strong determination to help my community to overcome the poverty to some extent through poultry farming. The poultry products brought up by chepang people; after distribution of chicks will be solely for selling purpose and not for self-consumption. The chickens grown up will be collected by village coordinating committee led by Mr. Rabilal Chepang in local level and it is supplied to the market to urban area of Chitwan under the market management of Miteree foundation.

Little things we do to these vulnerable groups could help them to foster as well as uplift from the minimum life standard to average life standard. So that they can fulfill their basic needs like food, clothes and shelter from the next fiscal year.


The initiation is taken by Mr. Bishwas Chepang who completed A-level from Budhanilkantha School and currently  iam undergraduate  in social work from K and K International College, New Baneshwor. Being a member of chepang community, I would like to work for the welfare of my community. 


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